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Fund Raising

Drive up your fundraising with Briteway's Group Fund Raising Program!
If your latest fund raiser has been a wash out, it's time to clean up with Briteway's Group Fund Raising Program.

At Briteway, we're committed to giving back to the community.  We help all charities and fund raising events. Here are some of the things we can do to make your next event a splashing success! We have helped many groups raise thousands of dollars per event.
  • We donate wash books for raffles or door prizes

  • Sell our car wash coupons and keep 50% of everything that you sell!

  • Fast and Easy

    It only takes 30 days to have a very successful fund raiser.  At Briteway we know that if it isn't easy, it won't work. Our program requires no order forms, and there is only one product to sell. And best of all everyone needs a clean car!

Who Qualifies

Dear Paul,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support of the Marshfield Girls Ice Hockey team. We raised over $2200.00 for the girls team and the money was used to purchase much needed practice ice.

We are involved in many fundraisers and yours was the most successful. The $10.00 car wash is an excellent value to anyone who supported the team by purchasing car washes. These car wash certificates were an easy sell and are useful during the entire year.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer your car wash certificates. It is members of our community like you that make Marshfield a great town.


Megan Cullen
President of the MHS Girls Ice Hockey Boosters

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Church and Synagogue Groups
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Athletic Teams
  • Any Non Profit Organization

When you wash a car in the parking lot, remember -you're not just washing a car in the parking lot.

All the soap, scum, and oily grit runs along the curb.  Then into storm drain and directly into our lakes, rivers, and streams.  And that causes pollution which is unhealthy for everyone.  So how do you avoid this whole mess?  Easy!  Run your next charity carwash event with the professionals at Briteway Carwash.




fundraising car wash

We treat and recycle water because we are stingy with water.

How it Works

Briteway supplies your organization with special fund raising prepaid washes. Sell as many as you can and keep 50% for  your group. You have a choice to sell our "Whole Shabang " for $18 and keep $9 or our "Exterior Washes " for $10 and keep $5. You have a one month selling period after which you turn in any unsold tickets and the payment for the tickets you sold. A simple program with big results!

How Your Organization Benefits

  • By raising large sums of money quickly, with nothing to buy or spoil.
  • No order taking.
  • No time consuming call backs to deliver merchandise.
  • You'll be offering a quality product with a well established and respected company.
  • You'll give your contributors something of real value for their contributions.

How Much Can You Make?

Sell 150 Exterior Washes -- Earn $750 ----- Sell 150 "Whole Shabang"-- Earn $1,350
Sell 250 Exterior Washes -- Earn $1,250 --- Sell 250 "Whole Shabang" -- Earn $2,250
Sell 500 Exterior Washes -- Earn $2,500 --- Sell 500 "Whole Shabang" -- Earn $4,500

Click HERE to Sign Up and Clean Up

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